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Breaking- Prominent British/Swiss Financier linked to ‘Whistleblower’ Xavier Justo in 1MBD Scandal

A legal investigator involved in the international investigation of supposed 1MBD ‘Whistleblower’ Xavier Justo stated last night that a well-known British/Swiss Financier,  Christian Alain Frampton, has been linked to the case and is suspected of having arranged a meeting between Mr. Justo and British/Indian businessman, Kamal Saddiq, prior to when Mr. Justo stole a database belonging to his former employer Petro Saudi International (‘PSI’). This is a bizarre twist to the 1MBD scandal, which has promoted criminal investigations in several countries including Switzerland, Malaysia, Thailand, United Kingdom, and the United States. Mr. Saddiq had a special relationship with the former Prime minister and then Malaysian opposition leader Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad.  Siddiqi and Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad had a close and questionable relationship going back over twenty years.  https://www.malaymail.com/news/malaysia/2015/09/09/who-is-kamal-siddiqi/966599

It is suspected that in October 2011, Christian Frampton assisted Xavier Justo (while he was an employee of PSI) in conspiring with opposition political parties in Malaysia (who were represented by Syed Saddiq) of having advised him on financial matters related to a $4.3 Million USD “severance’ pay that Mr. Justo received from PSI,  after  he blackmailed the PSI’s CEO, Tarek Obaid with a threat that he would release the database contents to the media if Mr. Obaid didn’t pay him. (Mr. Justo confessed to these crimes after being arrested in Thailand in 2015 where he was convicted to three years in prison for blackmail and extortion).  Syed Saddiq, Malaysia’s former Youth and Sports Minister, is also currently under criminal investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

According to the legal investigator and other sources knowledgeable in the 1MBD case, Christian Frampton, who is the CEO of Providenzia Capital Group SA, and Xavier Justo, met in 2006 when Mr. Frampton was a Director at Banque Piguet & Cie in Geneva. At that time Mr. Justo was, allegedly,  a key money launderer for the Sito Miñanco Spanish Drug Cartel and had the Cartel’s main bank account at Banque Piguet & Cie.  (In the summer of 2007 Mr. Justo was briefly detained by Swiss authorities for suspicion of tax evasion and money laundering).

It is alleged by all our sources that in late 2010, Xavier Justo sought the assistance of Christian Frampton to arrange a meeting with a senior Malaysian political opposition leader because he (Justo) believed that there was information on PSI’s database that could embarrass the Malaysian Prime Minister at that time Najib Razak It was during this time period that Mr. Justo decided to steal the database.  After Mr. Justo blackmailed PSI  into paying him a huge ‘severance’ of $4.3 Million USD, it is assumed that Mr. Frampton kept the stolen data in his safe and advised Mr. Justo on how to manage this money and evade paying taxes on it.  

After the 1MBD scandal broke in 2015 Xavier Justo through the assistance of Mr. Frampton and Siddiqi were able provide for a price, illegally obtained data to Malaysian political opposition groups including, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad party – PPBM.  Xavier Justoreceived $2 Million USD, in January 2019, from the Edge Media Group of Malaysia which is a political opposition media organization in Malaysia associated with PPBM.  This ‘gift’ was given to Mr. Justo as an “award” for stealing PSI’s database.

It is interesting to note as that Switzerland has played a key role in the 1MBD scandal with ongoing investigations and allegations of corruption, and the bungling of the investigation into Xavier’s Justo’s case,  at the Swiss Attorney General’s office  (www.weltwoche.ch/ausgaben/2020-42/diese-woche/eilmeldung-die-weltwoche-ausgabe-42-2020.html ). While time drags on, week by week the more information that is being leaked on this case strongly indicates that Xavier Justo is not the innocent lamb he claims to be.  Given the facts at hand,  Mr. Justo is not the humble ‘Whistleblower’ as he claims.  He is simply a highly paid thief who stole money from the company he worked for. No ‘Whistleblower’ I have ever heard of has ever reaped in millions of USD for stealing information.  But Xavier Justo did just that.

To provide better clarity into this matter, the special investigator sent me a chronological flow chart of the events that led to this story.

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