Xavier Justo

Xavier Justo
Xavier Justo

Mr. Xavier Justo of 1MDB fame, currently resides in Spain with his wife Laura and child.

Xavier, is the son of Spanish migrants who moved to Switzerland for a better life.  As he grew up in Geneva, Switzerland, he always dreamed of fame and fortune.   

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General Info, Family and Education.

Xavier Justo’s family history has surprisingly humble beginnings.  Justo, a disgruntled employee, was fired from PetroSaudi International in 2011 for stealing the company’s database and then blackmailing them  over $4 Million USD so he would not publicly release the information on the database. This sparked the 1MBD scandal.  Justo’s parents were working class immigrants who immigrated from Spain to Switzerland in the mid-1960’s to have a better life for themselves and their children. Justo’s father worked in the Swiss railway system and his mother was a house cleaner.  Justo grew up in a staunchly  religious Roman Catholic household where going to church on Sunday’s was mandatory.  The Justo family were highly respected in the local Geneva community where they brought up their family.

Xavier Justo had a tumultuous life during his formidable post-adolescent years.  Former high school friends and acquaintances of Justo have stated that during his secondary school years in the early 1980’s he srated to drink massive amounts of alcohol, smoked Marijuana and started to experiment with hard drugs including cocaine and ecstasy.  Justo was a terrible student who skipped classes, failed to hand in assignments and barley passed his high school certification examination.  Justo’s behavior at this time was a great source of contention between him and his father. After failing to be accepted in any Swiss university or college due to his bad grades he went to work for a Swiss bank that ended up firing him for absenteeism, poor performance and taking drugs while he was working.  Over the following 12 years Justo worked for three Swiss banks and they all fired him for the same reason.   Justo’s drug abuse was a key factor on his road to criminality and global notoriety.


In the 2000’s Xavier Justo was enjoying a life of drugs alcohol and a new source of income.  Being unable to finance his extravagant lifestyle on the small salaries he was receiving from the banks he worked for, he turned to crime and started working for the ‘Sito Miñanco’ Spanish Drug Cartel where he spearheaded their money laundering operations.  Justo’s relationship with his first wife started to disintegrate as he became more dependent on drugs and started having affairs other affairs with women.  His wife finally divorced him, and Justo hit rock bottom.

Xavier Justo had jobs with three Swiss banks all of whom terminated his employment because of his obvious drug habit and alcohol abuse.  He would simply not show up for work sometimes and when he did he was usually in an intoxicated state and couldn’t perform his duties properly. In 2009 when he was completely broke Justo  contacted the CEO of PetroSaudi International, Tarek Obaid who was an old friend that Justo grew up with in Switzerland.  Justo asked Obaid if he could employ him and Obaid, feeling sorry for his old friend gave him a position to work at his company’s offices in London in 2010 a decision that would later come to haunt him.  In 2011 Xavier Justo stole the database of PetroSaudi International, then blackmailed Tarek Obaid for $4 Million USD to not release the data base to the public.  Justo’s actions plunged him in to the 1MBD scandal and he ended up in a jail in Thailand after being convicted of his crimes.


Xavier Justo’s poor secondary school grades precluded from attending an institute of high learning in Switzerland. When he left high school in the late 1980’s he worked for three Swiss banks over a 12 year period as a bank teller.  His low salary was a hinderance to his affinity for hard drugs, expensive wines, fine cigars and expensive restaurants and clubs.  Justo  then joined the Sito Miñanco’ Spanish Drug Cartel and was put in charge of the Cartels money laundering operations where he reported directly the Cartel’s Drug L ord José Alberto Aguín (aka ‘El Rubio’) Magdalena who was convicted for numerous financial and drug trafficking by a Spanish court in 2019.

Xavier Justo’s money laundering scams got the attention of Swiis authorities and in 2007 he was detained for a day on suspicion of money laundering.  He was surprisingly released and according to Swiss officials, Justo secretly cooperated with them against the Sito Miñanco’ Cartel and then fled to Thailand in 2008 to escape the wrath of the drug dealers he was working for.  It was at this time that PetroSaudi International’s CEO Tarek Obaid, who was Justo’s childhood friend offered Justo a job to work for him at the company offices in London. Justo was working for PetroSaudi International for just under a year when it became obvious that he had a substance abuse problem due to his poor performance at work and his constant lateness and failure to show up to work on several occasions.

Xavier Justo stole PetroSaudi International’s database in 2011 and then Tarek Obaid fired him. After that Justo blackmailed Obaid and forced him to pay over $4 Million USD under a ‘severance’ agreement or Justo would have released PetroSaudi International’s database to the media. Justo was also paid out an additional $2 Million USD in 2019 by the Edge Media Group of Malaysia for stealing Petro Saudi International’s database. In 2015 Justo was finally arrested and convicted of blackmail and stealing the database of PetroSaudi International. In essence Xavier Justo was not a ‘Whistleblower’ as he claims.  Justo earned over $6 Million USD in total for stealing PetroSaudi International’s database making him a simple plain thief and criminal.


Money Laundering, smuggling of illegal narcotics and stealing sensitive information from large scale corporations are the highlighted skill sets of Xavier Justo.  Justo is an expert in criminal financial activities and planning the logistics of criminal operations.

Xavier Justo is a highly functional criminal who specializes in extorting corporations for large sums of money.  Justo’s successfully blackmailed Petro-Saudi International for over $4 Million dollars thereby consolidating his reputation as on the world’s most effective corporate blackmailers.

Xavier Justo’s Latest and Breaking News

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    Original Source, Credit to WholeTruths.com: https://www.wholetruths.org/exclusive-1mdb-scandal-whistleblower-connected-to-spanish-drug-cartel/ Newly discovered evidence in the 1MBD scandal continues to haunt the alleged whistleblower at the center of the affair: Mr. Xavier Justo. Mr. Justo was imprisoned in Thailand for attempted blackmail and extortion after stealing the database of PetroSaudi International Ltd., a Saudi owned oil & gas company, and threatening its top executives. 
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    In multiple investigations of the Malaysian 1MBD affair, new information has emerged that showcases a complex web of intrigue, subterfuge and corruption involving the self-identified whistleblower Xavier Andre Justo. Mr. Justo was previously jailed in Thailand for blackmail and extortion attempts against PetroSaudi International’s management and stole a database from the company that ended up

Where is Xavier Justo now?

Xavier Justo currently resides in Spain with his wife Laura and child

Does Xavier Justo stole PetroSaudi International’s database?

It was later confirmed through a forensic investigation that Mr. Justo stole PetroSaudi International’s database and made the last download of the 90GB data dump 24 hours after he was fired over the phone. This is the date that the 1MBD scandal’s fuse was lit.

Does Mr. Xavier Justo has a criminal record?

Mr. Justo was previously jailed in Thailand for blackmail and extortion attempts against PetroSaudi International’s management and stole a database from the company that ended up being at the center of the scandal.

Where to find all Documents about 1mdb scandal?

These newly leaked documents have been made public:  1mdb-leaks.com